Significance. For Life.


Impact for Living creates unique networking opportunities designed to link great vision and strategies with the individuals, organizations and resources which will advance them for increasing impact and changed lives. The possibilities are limited only by what God and the human mind and heart can envision.

We will facilitate the uniting of intellect, expertise, experience, passions and resources necessary to bring new solutions to challenges such as:

  • Medical & humanitarian aid missions and missionary support
  • Ministry initiatives and aid to churches
  • Establishing orphanages in impoverished regions of the world
  • HIV/AIDS, world hunger and poverty
  • Children needing adoption
  • Intervention initiatives for at-risk youth and families
  • Teen pregnancy and suicide
  • Educational and scholarship aid to potential servant-leaders
  • Sports initiatives and youth mentoring
  • Broader reaching educational opportunities
  • Hungry and abused children
  • Urban and inner city restoration and health issues
  • Homelessness of families and individuals
  • Human trafficking of women and children
  • Genocide
  • Increasing private economic, social entrepreneurship initiatives

and let us know how we can help get you in touch with organizations working in your specific areas of interest.

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