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Our team provides the following consulting services to individuals, churches, not-for-profit ministries and other organizations desiring to maximize their impact:

Strategic & Tactical Development

We will work with your leadership team to provide a candid, introspective evaluation, assessment and guidelines for:

  • Developing a clear and compelling vision for the future
  • Assessment of organizational Vision, Mission and Values
  • Alignment and creation of effective structures, systems and strategies consistent with your Vision, Mission and Values
  • Assisting with developing a strategic plan to initiate and implement necessary changes
  • Building interdependent high impact teams


Team & Leadership Development

We will assist in assessing, evaluating and providing strategies to maximize the potential of team effectiveness and efficiency through:

  • Team-building diagnostics and strategies which recognize and harness the collective power of interdependently aligned team members
  • Sessions where insights into the effectiveness of high impact teams are presented and applied to leverage the vision and mission of the organization
  • Servant-leadership sessions, strategies and development for team members
  • Board development, clarification of role and governance
  • Organizational structure development to maximize impact


Coaching & Mentoring

We provide experienced models and mentors in one-on-one settings to pastors and leaders of not-for-profit ministries, sports organizations, businesses and educational institutions designed for:

  • Assessing and improving leadership, administrative, relational, management and conflict resolution skills
  • Assessing and enhancing leadership performance in transitional times and events
  • Assessing and assisting in the improvement of style and essential skills—speaking, appearance, mentoring, emphatic listening, etc.—to maximize leadership potential
  • Equipping leaders with the desire, tools and strategies needed to lead, empower and equip others to reach higher and sustained levels of performance, leadership and impact

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